Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under New "Management"

Hello everyone!
I used to contribute to Em'lia 's blog with pictures... when I emailed the last time she asked me if I could take over the blog.   Such an honor!!  Thanks for trusting me with one of your children Emilia! 

This is my first blog - as I become more familiarized with the layout/options I will be making tweaks here and there.   I will keep the original blogs/reports/descriptions as they are.   Please note everything before this date was written by Em'lia [as time permits I will start writting her name under her description postings]. 

The Blog will keep trying to catalogue:
- Body Types & Comparisns (from IT)
- Skin Tones (IT dolls / and cross over if the information is given to me --- I am not franken dolly versed)
- Head Sculpts (from IT)
- Hand Sculpts (from IT)
- Line reviews / comments , as needed.

A bit about me:  Well I started collecting IT dolls when FR debuted.  Back then I was part of the Silkstone Craze and I got tired of searching exclusives (seems like I do that now for FR, but at least I don't feel guilty when I debox IT's dolls).  Before that I also collected vintage barbie, and my mother also collects dolls.
I post under Mandy4384 -  more actively at W Club,  and visit daily Pink Parlor, Doll Divas. 
My main doll website is:  --- but the only part of it that I actually update is the FR Hub - which actually covers all IT stuff that I though was not covered elsewhere - LBX's list has expanded a bit since then :-)  his site picture/name is better organized - there is just so much I can do in word and a crappy(came with the computer) photo editor.
The pictures of my doll collection are in flickr - Mandy4384's Photostream