Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under New "Management"

Hello everyone!
I used to contribute to Em'lia 's blog with pictures... when I emailed the last time she asked me if I could take over the blog.   Such an honor!!  Thanks for trusting me with one of your children Emilia! 

This is my first blog - as I become more familiarized with the layout/options I will be making tweaks here and there.   I will keep the original blogs/reports/descriptions as they are.   Please note everything before this date was written by Em'lia [as time permits I will start writting her name under her description postings]. 

The Blog will keep trying to catalogue:
- Body Types & Comparisns (from IT)
- Skin Tones (IT dolls / and cross over if the information is given to me --- I am not franken dolly versed)
- Head Sculpts (from IT)
- Hand Sculpts (from IT)
- Line reviews / comments , as needed.

A bit about me:  Well I started collecting IT dolls when FR debuted.  Back then I was part of the Silkstone Craze and I got tired of searching exclusives (seems like I do that now for FR, but at least I don't feel guilty when I debox IT's dolls).  Before that I also collected vintage barbie, and my mother also collects dolls.
I post under Mandy4384 -  more actively at W Club,  and visit daily Pink Parlor, Doll Divas. 
My main doll website is:  --- but the only part of it that I actually update is the FR Hub - which actually covers all IT stuff that I though was not covered elsewhere - LBX's list has expanded a bit since then :-)  his site picture/name is better organized - there is just so much I can do in word and a crappy(came with the computer) photo editor.
The pictures of my doll collection are in flickr - Mandy4384's Photostream


  1. Hello,

    I was looking to rebody a few dolls from my collection, but I am a little unsure about which tones would work best...

    If you can help, I would really appreciate it...

    First is my mood changers doll heads(appears darker than the Fr white tone that its listed as)
    Second my surrealist eve kitten head(purchased her online years ago and she was attached to a flat foot Japan tone body, I dislike the flat feet)
    Third is a Mattel doll... The 2007 half breed Cher doll... Her skin tone does not match any skin tones I've come across from Mattel...

    I am not a fan of the tall, small waist, big bust body(undesirable body shape doesn't fit many doll clothes from my collection)or the Jem/Fr2/Color Infusion type(the feet are too big for my liking and doesn't fit shoes from my collection)...
    I also collect Mattel Barbies so I like to be able to swap clothing and shoes between the two lines...
    Thank you...