IT's Hands Sculpts

NOTE:  I will be separating Doll Lines and Tweaking labels a bit to match my FR reference book labels -- giving DG, Poppy an extra label letter.  -- I started tweaking labels already

There has been talk about the new hands sculpts launched with the Fashion Royalty line's Hands Speak System on the doll boards. We (Em'lia & Amanda) have made a list of all the Integrity hand sculpts.

For a PDF file with all exchangeable hands until 2009
(including a list of which doll came with what). 

Female's Hand Sculpts :
  • The old non-removable hands will be names SH1, SH2,...
  • New exchangeable hand types for FR, MB/NF, FR2 and Monogram will be H1, H2,...
    • The gloved hands will add a G1, G2... after the H - ie. H1G1...
  • DG exchangeable hands will be DH1, DH2....
  • Poppy's exchangeable hands will be PH1, PH2...
  • I have to check HR line to see if I can catalogue it under the Statics, the main FR or do a separate code for them as well... 
The old type wrist articulated hands (S for static):
  • SH1 The second FR body and MZ hands. Tiny and with all fingers parted.
  • SH2 The third generation FR and MB/NU tall body hands, index and little finger parted. The pinky raised in the right hand
  • SH3 The Misaki hand with index and little fingers parted. A tad longer than H2 and less elegant.
The new type exchangeable hands:  [will add new pictures & DG/Poppy hands later]
  • H1 Fingers mainly flat w/ the pinky raised in the right hand (the Nu Girls came with it on, as well as the Basic Dolls, Interview Dania & Deconstruction sight -- it was also the painted hands for Deconstruction, Optic Agnes, Interview Dania& in the basic dolls)
  • H2 In both hands 3 fingers are very curled inwards -- spare hands for Eden & Erin, the hands that came on Optic Agnes.
  • H3 3 fingers lightly curled in left, right fingers are arched, all the fingers are individual -- extra hand with Giselle & Basic gals, the hands that came with Statuesque and the monogram dolls after her).
  • H4 Life Ball hands are from the same sculpt as the second generation Valia's, but cast from different, more translucent material that gives them a bit scrawny look.  (aka Claw Hand)
  • H5 A new hand scuplt for Monogram doll Blue Chip. All fingers separate and the left hand pinky curved-raised.
  • H6  Individual fingers lightly curved.
  • H7 - FR2 Flat individual fingers hand.
  • DH? DG hands. Still unproportionately small with parted little finger and a ball shaped joint.
  • PH?  Poppy Hands.
From left to right (pitures by Em'lia): SH1, H5, SH3, H1, glove painted H1, H3 & H2.


What to do with those extra female hands you don't like?... check Em'lia post

The Homme Hand Sculpts (M in front for Male):

  • MH1 The original Homme hands. Flat and all fingers together.
  • MH2 The new Homme hands for holding stuff. left hand with a trigger finger and right with index and middle finger straight, others crabbing onto stuff.
From left to right: MH1, MH2