Skin Tone Database - FR/HR/MB

Missing only FR7 - HR Josephine's Skintone.
NOTE:  To avoid confusion I have given MB/NF the same numbers
to the same tones as FR - If it has no MB# then it doesn't exist yet.

Original Author: Em'lia         Updated by: Mandy4384

FR0 - Porcelain
Description: Extremely pale, warm peachy tone, translucent quality
Dolls by default: Tatyana
Dolls as exception: Queen V, Festive Decadence Agnes
Body donors: Some monograms (see my Monogram post), All Brides of Dracula dolls.

FD Agnes in Brides of Dracula Mina body

FR1 / MB1 - Japan  aka  Pale  aka  Alabaster
Description: Regular pale skin tone with a greyish hue
FR/HR Dolls by default:  Agnes, Luchia, Lana (new mould), Elise Jolie, Kesenia, Anja
MB/NF Dolls by default:  Erin, Ayumi, Eden, Lilith (Also Yumi & Kumi that have the Misaki bodies).
Dolls as exception: Brighter Side Kyori, True Royalty Vanessa, Mastermind Veronique, Colour Therapy Vanessa, Flight Pattern Kyori, Night Warrior Vanessa, Deceptively Yours Kyori, Temptation Vanessa,Spring Forward Eugenia, Lady in Waiting Dania (NOTE: LiW Dania also has a NF body as an exception!)
Body donors:  DG1, MZ1, M1
NOTE: Some variations in skin tone may occur even when same vinyl colour is used for different dolls. In a sense, batches of vinyl and plastic may have small colour variations from one dye lot to another much like knitting wool. As a example the Hollywood Royalty Lana Turner skin tone is generally a tiny hint more grey than the usual FR1 toned dolls!

Thanks Isabelle for the comparison picture!

FR2 / MB2 – White   aka   Blush   aka   Natural Silk
Description: Regular Caucasian skin tone, warm tone with a peachy hue
Dolls by default: Veronique, Vanessa, Kyori, Eugenia, Dania, Nu.Face Giselle.
Dolls as exception: Bewitching Hour Luchia, Ethereal Return Lana Turner (old mould = Tatyana/Jordan), Power Game Natalia
Body donors: MB2 (Giselle), DG2, I have also been informed by Dollster that the Silkstone heads are a perfect match for this colour!

NOTE: Some older 1st body Veronique´s have a slightly darker tone with a yellow hue! This might be do to the fact that vinyl yellows with age so FR dolls from even three or four years ago might be more yellow than when they came off the factory line.

FR3 / MB3 – Latina aka Amber
Description: Tanned skin tone with a pink hue
Dolls by default: Natalia
Dolls as exception: Buena Sera Kyori, Firefly Agnes, The Making of... Erin S.
Body donors: MZ3
NOTE: The new and old Nat moulds have a tiny shade difference!

From left to right:
Old Natalia, new Natalia, Making of Erin S. and Colette.
 As you can see there is a tiny difference between the old and the new latina skin tones. 
The Making of Erin S. features the new latina skin tone 
even though the matt finish of the MB/NU body confuses the tones a bit. 

FR4 / MB4 – Tan aka Cashmere
Description: Regular tanned skin tone with a golden hue
Dolls by default:  Nu.Face's Colette
Dolls as exception: Miami Glow Vanessa, Paparazzi Bait Adele, Going Public Eugenia, Body Double Veronique, Cruise Control Vanessa, Soul Deep Adele, 
Body donors:  DG4 (Aria)
NOTE: All the tan skin tone bodies have the same defect: the hands start to turn light yellow in time. This is known to happen to NRFB dolls as well, so light of heat seems to have nothing to do with it.

I was asked about Paparazzi Bait Adele's skin tone of .
It is the same tan tone as FR4 / MB4.
You can see the latina skin tone FR3 [far left] is clearly paler and more pink.

FR5 – Indian
Description: Darker tanned skin tone with a yellow hue
Dolls by default: Isha
Dolls as exception: None
Body donors: MZ4 (Cool It), Mattel Pivotol Jazz Diva

Here is a Isha repaint in the Mattel Jazz Diva pivotol body.
As you can see the skin tone is a perfect match
but the head is a bit wobbly from the neck joint
as is usually the case with FR/pivotol hybrids.
FR6 / MB6 – Black1
Description: Afro-American skin tone with a warm hue
Dolls by default: Adele, Dominique
Dolls as exception: None
Body donors: DG5 (T.J. AA = A hint more grey but a great match!)

FR7 – Black2
Description: Afro-American skin tone with a cold yellowish hue close to FR6 (regular Adele)
Dolls by default: Josephine Baker (NOTE: Josephine´s head is tad darker than her body)
Dolls as exception: None
Body donors: none.

Thank you Baris for generously donating the two pictures above 
and the update on Jordan and Josephine skin tones!

FR8 - Black 3
Description: Dark Afro-American skin tone, little lighter than MB4 (Nadja)
Dolls by default: Jordan
Dolls as exception: Muse Adele
Body donors: MZ6 (Flaunt It)

Here is Muse Adele swapped into the body of MZ Flaunt It
and compared to Nadja skin tone.
As you can see its a perfect match!Thank you Baris for donating this picture!
Here are all the Adele skin tones with Nadja tone for comparison!
From left to right: Paparazzi Bait Adele (FR4), Gold Stroke Adele (FR6),
Muse Adele (FR8) and Urban Outfitter Nadja (MB9).

MB9 - Ebony
Description: Bitter chocolate brown tone with a cold hue, the darkest tone Integrity has.
Dolls by default: Nadja
Dolls as exception: None
Body donors: Mattel´s Princess of South Africa and the 1st Model Muse Nikki.