IT's Head Sculpts

As more new characters with reused sculpts appear many collectors feel confused. I have tried to list all characters made from each head mould in the following Integrity lines: Fashion Royalty (FR), Hollywood Royalty (HR), Homme, Misaki, Model Behaviour (MB) / Nu.Face, NU.Fantasy, Monsieur Z (MZ), Dynamite Girls (DG) old and new, FR Monogram and FR2. The head sculpts are listed by category in order of appearance (Thank you for Amanda for providing the shots for the sculpts I didn't have):

Fashion Royalty / Hollywood Royalty
Veronique Old (since Spring 2003, retired 2008)

Adele Old (since Spring 2003, retired Spring 2004)

Adele New (since Spring 2004)

Kyori /Ginza (since Spring 2004)

Isha / Luchia (since Spring 2004)

Vanessa (since Autumn 2004)

Natalia Old (since Event 2004, retired Autumn 2006)
This sculpt actually had two versions: one with full closed lips, another with slightly parted lips. The difference is so minuscule I originally thought the breather on Capricious, Black as Night and Femme du Monde was just white paint. 

Agnes (since Event 2006)

Eugenia (since Spring 2007)

Natalia New (since Spring 2008)

Lana Old (Ethereal Return) / Tatyana / Jordan / Nu.Fantasy Red Queen
(since Spring 2008)

Lana New / Dania (since Autumn 2008)

Josephine Baker / Dominique (MB/NU) (since Event 2008)

Elise Jolie (as FR doll in convention 2009, as FR2 doll since convention 2010)

 Kesenia (2010, same as Aston-Drake Brides of Dracula Mina / Contessa / Lucy (2011)

Anja (2010, same as / Simi from AD-Dark Hunters)

Aston-Drake Brides of Dracula Lucy (2010)
* I don't have her so if anyone can provide a picture please contact me *

Dasha (FR2 since convention 2010)

FR2 Dominique (Spring 2011 prototype viewed in convention 2010,
rumoured to be a remake of the IT playline Janay sculpt)

New Veronique 2011
*will come after March*


Pierre (since Spring 2006)

Francisco (since Spring 2006)

Darius (since Spring 2007)

Lukas (since Event 2007)

Takeo / Adrian Von Lamberg (since Event 2008)

Acheron (Ashton-Drake Dark Hunters, 2010)

The Count Dracula (IT Brides of Dracula collection II, 2011)

Model Behaviour / NU.Face / NU.Fantasy
Note: The dolls are categorised here by body type
as Giselle is sometimes listed as a part of FR line, sometimes as Nu.Face.

Erin (since Spring 2006)

Nadja /Colette (since Spring 2006)

Ayumi (since Spring 2007)

Giselle (since Autumn 2007) NOTE: as some may think Agnes and Giselle DO NOT share head sculpts!
Here is a link to a post that compares the two sculpts.

Twins: Yuri / Kumi / Eden / Lilith (since Summer 2008)

FR Nippon line
Misaki (since 2006)

Amelie (since 2008)

Monsieur Z / Dynamite Girls
Closed mouth MZ /Aria / Gavin (since 2005)

Open mouth MZ / Jett /Reese /Rufus Blue (since 2005)

In the Boogie Beach collection
Aria has the open mouth sculpt and
Jett has the closed one!

Sooki / Eltin / Dayle (since 2008)
T.J. / Jasper (since 2008)

All sculpts were renewed on 2010 Vintage Vinyl collection
The new characters and sculpts are:

Reese (AA) / Neve (Tanned)
*picture coming*

Gavin (pale) / Jett

Eltin (pale) / Sooki (Caucasian)

Aria (tanned) / Rufus (Caucasian)

Jason Wu FR Monogram (2009)
(Only one sculpt for far, also used for mini AG clones,
except for Live Wire that used the new Natalia sculpt)

 Poppy Parker line
 Poppy Parker (2009)
 Convention 2010 revealed a new friend for Poppy

Avant Guards line (17")
Closed mouth sculpt

Open mouth sculpt
*picture coming*