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Under New "Management"

Hello everyone!
I used to contribute to Em'lia 's blog with pictures... when I emailed the last time she asked me if I could take over the blog.   Such an honor!!  Thanks for trusting me with one of your children Emilia! 

This is my first blog - as I become more familiarized with the layout/options I will be making tweaks here and there.   I will keep the original blogs/reports/descriptions as they are.   Please note everything before this date was written by Em'lia [as time permits I will start writting her name under her description postings]. 

The Blog will keep trying to catalogue:
- Body Types & Comparisns (from IT)
- Skin Tones (IT dolls / and cross over if the information is given to me --- I am not franken dolly versed)
- Head Sculpts (from IT)
- Hand Sculpts (from IT)
- Line reviews / comments , as needed.

A bit about me:  Well I started collecting IT dolls when FR debuted.  Back then I was part of the Silkstone Craze and I got tired of searching exclusives (seems like I do that now for FR, but at least I don't feel guilty when I debox IT's dolls).  Before that I also collected vintage barbie, and my mother also collects dolls.
I post under Mandy4384 -  more actively at W Club,  and visit daily Pink Parlor, Doll Divas. 
My main doll website is:  --- but the only part of it that I actually update is the FR Hub - which actually covers all IT stuff that I though was not covered elsewhere - LBX's list has expanded a bit since then :-)  his site picture/name is better organized - there is just so much I can do in word and a crappy(came with the computer) photo editor.
The pictures of my doll collection are in flickr - Mandy4384's Photostream

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Archive Links

Updated on January 27, 2011
I added tabs at the top of the blog for the main references (heads, skintones, hands, and soon an overall body types). 
Here are the rest of the pages (individual body/line reviews, etc.) :

FR2 vs FR body type comparison

The Dark Romance convention 2010 launched a new line of Integrity Toys 6th scale fashion dolls. The new line is called FR2 and features a new body type with more articulation.

The twist-and-turn torso joint of FR dolls is replaced by a similar one of AG dolls. There is one joint below the breasts and another one in the hips. The hip joint can twist around at least 90degrees sideways as well as bend and crouch enabling a much more movement in the torso region. Also the elbows and knees have been renewed and seem to pose much further than their FR counterparts. The body type also features new hands and feet sculpts. The hands sculpt has been much criticised for it's petal like appearance reminding of those horrible beaver tale hands of Mattels pivotal body. The good side is all the fingers are separate so you could (with effort) make real gloves for the dolls, and the hands are hands-speak-system so you can always replace them with the more elegant FR sculpt if preferred. The feet are bigger and have an higher arc than FR and I've heard they closely resemble Valia's feet in shape and size - good news for all Valia collectors starved for more shoes. The toes are all tightly together (FR has a cap between the big toe and others) limiting the range of shoe styles a bit. The feet do make these 13" amazons a tad taller than FR who already were towering over barbie, ken and other fashion dolls. However, I'm happy tell that IT's Homme are still holding their own against the new fashion creatures and can pose together quite comfortably.

The FR2 collection features 3 head sculpts so far: Elise, Dasha and Dominique. Elise is the familiar face from the last convention where she debuted as a part of the FR line. Dasha is a completely new sculpt (possibly created as a by product of the Veronique revival, as the creation of the Lana Turner doll brought us the twins, Jordan, Tatyana and Dania in addition to the 2 Lana dolls.) The character of Dominique debuted in the last years convention as well, but used the Josephine Baker sculpt. However, the FR2 Dominique seems to resurrect the old favourite from Integrity playline. Janay. It is probable that the old mold has been tweaked a bit, but those high cheekbones and exotic nose are very recognisable and people have been requesting comeback for Janay for a while now - and IT provided.

What comes to sharing clothing, so far I haven't heard of any trouble. The bust size is closer to FR Monogram than FRs, so the newcomers might be able to wear the whole range if IT fashions from FR, monohgram and NU.Face as well. Two FR2 dolls were sold at the convention: Always Polished Dasha and a centrepiece doll Dark Swan Elise. In addition, the prototypes of at least 9 more FR2 dolls (3 of each character) were on view there, but the time table for their release is yet unknown. All in all I must say that FR2 has a fair chance of rekindling my fading passion for 6th scale fashion dolls. The outfits are chic, accessories are back and I love the sculpts of the new body and faces.

- Pale White - ELISE (all - 3 so far) - new skintone - a bit more yellow than MM0, a bit more grey than FR1 Japan/Agnes skintone - darker than FR0 porcelain skintone - I will take comparison pictures in the next photoshoot.
- Caucasian - FR2 - DASHA (all - 3 so far)
- Light AA - DOMINIQUE (all - 2 so far) - new skintone - for comparison pictures see

Now for the comparison photos provided by Christina aka Shuga-Shug:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Amanda Lepore

I was asked to add a neglected chapter to the Skin Tone Data Base: Amanda Lepore, a highly exclusive 6th scale celebrity doll. "This doll is made from "realskin" resin which has the feel and touch similar to porcelain. It has the durability of vinyl. This is the first doll made with this material, and she is anatomically correct. Her head and body are also unique to this project. The mould will be destroyed and never used again."

Amanda Lepore is a wigged doll designed by Jason Wu of Integrity Toys. There were three dolls made, limited edition of 100 dolls each, as a charity benefit on behalf of The Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. The dolls were unveiled at Jeffrey boutique, New York, 2006. These three dolls are (I will try to get photos of the dolls later):

Trannytale (Photo by Michael Williams)
Couture Baby (Photo by Michael Williams)
Look Better Naked (Photo by Michael Williams)

Amanda Lepore head sculpt (Photo by Ayukislove)

Body comparison to FR Adele (Photo by Ayukislove)

Elegant curve of legs (Photo by Ayukislove)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brides of Dracula - New Body Type

The new Brides of Dracula Couture Fantasy line is a collaboration between Ashton-Drake and Integrity Toys.  (NOTE: The new BoD II on 2011 was a IT project without the involvement of A-D) The Brides of Dracula Collection features a new body type that I have been waiting for a long long time: A FR bust with a beautifully sculpted new torso without the twist and turn waist. These new girls will look exquisite in lingerie as JennFL's (Jeanette Howard) wonderful comparison shots illustrate. Thank you Jenn for allowing to use your photos!

As you can see from the photos the skin tone of these new vampires is the same ultra pale as Tatyana's and FD Agnes'. The new torso is a bit longer than the FR's and as they are about the same height their legs a a tad shorter, which gives them a beautifully proportionate body. I can't say for sure , but it seems to me they have the same thigh parts as Poppy (and Misaki) and a new pair of gorgeous chins with high heel feet. I especially like the elegant curves of their waistline, hips and buttocks and all in all Integrity did a wonderful job with this new body type. I'm getting horrible urges to bodyswap all my FR's to this body type, but for now it's only available for my Tatyana and FD Agnes. I love the way Contessa looks in lingerie and Mina is definitely now on my wishlist!

 See more of Jenns photos of this beauty at her flickr!

Added note (Autumn 2010):
On convention 2010 the FR line included the new Brides of Dracula sculpt into the main FR line. The Contessa / Mina sculpt became Kesenia.
The Lucy sculpt is still unique;  and not the same as
the one used for Aston-Drake Dark Hunter line's Simi, who became Anja in the FR line. 

Handspeak System:  The Old Dracula gals have the handspeak system; and can change hands with the FR dolls; but the skintone of the FR that match are only FR0: Porcelain.  So far only Festive Decadence Agnes has been produced with that skintone.  Probably 2011 Kesenia has it as well.

2nd added note (Spring 2011):
Spring 2011 IDEX launched a new BoD II collection where all the ladies have the same open mouthed head sculpt and leaving out the Simi/Anja sculpt. The new line also featured a male doll: Count Dracula with a completely new head sculpt.

I just body swapped my FD Agnes to a Mina body.
I just adore this beautiful tummy! 

Monday, August 10, 2009

Integrity hands sculpts

There has been talk about the new hands sculpts launched with the Fashion Royalty line's Hands Speak System on the doll boards. Together with Amanda I have made a list of all the Integrity hand sculpts. The old non-removable hands will be names H1, H2,... and the new exchangeable hand types will be EH1, EH2,...

The old type wrist articulated hands:
  • H1 The second FR body and MZ hands. Tiny and with all fingers parted.
  • H2 The third generation FR and MB/NU tall body hands, index and little finger parted. The pinky raised in the right hand
  • H3 The Misaki hand with index and little fingers parted. A tad longer than H2 and less elegant.
The new type exchangeable hands:
  • EH1 Fingers mainly flat w/ the pinky raised in the right hand (the Nu Girls came with it on, as well as the Basic Dolls, Interview Dania & Deconstruction sight -- it was also the painted hands for Deconstruction, Optic Agnes, Interview Dania& in the basic dolls)
  • EH2 In both hands 3 fingers are very curled inwards -- spare hands for Eden & Erin, the hands that came on Optic Agnes.
  • EH3 3 fingers lightly curled in left, right fingers are arched, all the fingers are individual -- extra hand with Giselle & Basic gals, the hands that came with Statuesque and the monogram dolls after her).
  • EH4 Life Ball hands are from the same sculpt as the second generation Valia's, but cast from different, more translucent material that gives them a bit scrawny look.

  • EH5 DG hands. Still unproportionately small with parted little finger and a ball shaped joint.
  • EH6 A new hand scuplt for Monogram doll Blue Chip. All fingers separate and the left hand pinky curved-raised.

From left to right: H1, EH5, H3, EH1, glove painted EH1, EH3 &EH2

The Homme hand sculpts (All names HH since they are not interchangeable with female ones):

  • HH1 The original Homme hands. Flat and all fingers tohether.
  • HH2 The new Homme hands for holding stuff. left hand with a trigger finger and right with index and middle finger straight, others crabbing onto stuff.

From left to right: HH1, HH2

Thank you Amanda for your support and pictures!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giselle vs Agnes comparison

There have been many people asking me do the sisters Agnes and Giselle share the same face mold so I decided to dedicate a full article for the matter. But first of all I want to apologize for the poor quality of my pictures. I took these aver a year ago when the matter was debated at the W-club and their point was merely to illustrate the point and fast without any artistic considerations including lighting. Later, I sold my Aggie and wasn't able to take new photos. I even thought I had lost these ones, but fortunately I was able to find them from the club archives.

As dolls in general the main differences between Agnes and Giselle are the body and skin tone. Agnes generally features the pale FR1 skin tone (with the exception of the Australian exclusive Firefly) as all three Giselles released up to this date have has the Caucasian FR2 skin tone. Another difference is the body type. Agnes is a part of the big busted Fashion Royalty line with the twist and turn body (see body type comparison post for reference) where as Giselle is a part of the Model Behavior aka NU.Face featuring the small bust shared by many other Integrity Toys lines such as Misaki, Dynamite Girls and Monsieur Z.

And now for the face mold themselves. As you can see from the front view Giselle has a face that is a bit more narrow and defined as Agnes´s features are more soft and round - especially in jawline and cheekbones. From the profile below you can see that Agnes´s cheek is more forward as Giselle´s slopes down from eyes and that her cheekbones are more distinct on the sides. Also Giselle's jaw line reaches back more under the ears than Aggie's. The nose is very much the same, I'd say identical, but the lighter skin tone does make Agnes´s nose to seem a bit bigger. Most lightly this is only an illusion caused by light reflection (black looks smaller white bigger) The mouths are identical.

I hope this clears things out a bit. I promise to take better pictures if I ever get a new Aggie. I'm quite madly in love with the upcoming super exclusive Optic Nerve Agnes, but only future will tell if Ill be able to get my greedy little hands on that jewel. ;P

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The FR Monogram dolls - intro, sculpts, skin tones

Photo by JennFL

The latest addition [before FR squared debut] to Integrity doll family are the highly exclusive FR Jason Wu Monogram dolls that feature fashions from Jason's runway collections. The first in line was the Life Ball charity doll, now followed by Statuesque, Best Drama, Black Party, Blue Chip and the Jeffrey NY OOAK designer dolls. Actually the Jeffrey NY dolls are not all OOAK, but use 4 different dolls as canvas with the exception of Jason Wu and Aggugini. Jason Wu's doll is Life Ball with new hair do and features a combined look of Statuesque jacket in black and Blue Chip dress in purple and orange. Aggugini used the 1st type doll but gave the doll a beautiful make up in vibrant shades of red making it the only true OOAK doll in the collection. Kudos for Aggugini for that!
The four Jeffrey NY base types are:
1) Pale raven with peach lips and grey eye-shadow. Used by Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Celine, Gucci, Jil Sander, Missoni, Narciso Rodriguez, Prada and Thakoon.  
2) Caucasian blond with peach lips and grey eye-shadow. Used by Adam Jones, Lisa Perry, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, RM Collection, Rodarte, Stella McCartney, Thom Browne, Versace and Yves St. Laurent.
3)  Tanned brunette with pale lips and light purple eye-shadow. Used by Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Givency, Haider Ackermann, L'wren Scott, Mastermind and Valentino.
4)  AA brunette with fuchsia lips and light purple eye-shadow. Used by Alexis Mabille, Christopher Kane, Giambatti Stavalli, Isaac Mizrahi, Jimmy Choo, Oscar de la Renta and Sophie Theallet.

Photo by Baris

"Created specifically to benefit the 2009 Life Ball, this gorgeous collectible marks the debut of Integrity Toys' new FR Monogram™ collection. An extension of the Fashion Royalty collectible line, the FR Monogram collection features a new custom face sculpt (body is the same size as the Nu.Face body), as well as the hallmark of Fashion Royalty- miniaturized couture fashion with impeccable attention to detail. *The 2009 Official Life Ball doll is limited to 250 dolls worldwide." (W-club newsletter 31 of May)
Many of you have been waiting for another Jason Wu women's collection fashion to be miniaturized and your wait is over! The 2009 Life Ball Doll wears a replica of a chic evening gown from Jason's romantic Fall 2008 women's fashion collection. The gown is constructed from custom-printed fabric in a floral pattern that has been realized in perfect miniature.

LBD with hands from Aerodynamic Vanessa 
Thank you Kevin for donating this picture

The Life Ball doll features a new beautifully proportioned bust size between the MB/NU and FR, but uses the same lower torso as MB/NU (without the twist and turn mechanism of FR). Also the hand sculpt with all fingers sculpted together is different for FR and MB/NU lines and seems to be the same one used for the new and more articulated Integrity resin doll Valia Pivoine. However, the hands do come off just like with any other 2009 doll and could be replaced with another set of hands from the new "Hand Speak" system. The closest matching skin tone available should be FR2 (the regular Caucasian tone), although LBD skin tone does have a slightly more pink hue the match is quite good as shown in the picture above.

Here is the Life Ball doll compared to MB/NU body illustrating the new bust size:
Thank you Baris for donating these pictures

As well as a new body sculpt the Life Ball doll features a new Caucasian skin tone with a slightly pinkish hue.

The Monogram skin tones differ slightly from the FR ones.  Without taking into account the head tones (some of which vary considerably with respect to the body) I have identified 5 skintones so far; 2 of them I believe are the same to FR1 (agnes) and FR2 (vero) the rest are different in some ways but similar to the porcelain (FR0), orangy-tan (not FR's latina or tan), AA (not FR's adele or jordan). 
NOTE: The OOAK Jeffrey NY dolls marked with capital letters are unconfirmed info based on photos!

PICTURES COMING SOON - In the mean time check
  • MM0 - Undead / white - white a bit more pinkish than FR0 (porcelain)
    • Dolls: Black Party, Blue Chip,  Incandescent,  Enigmatic, Exquisite, Bemused.
  • MM1 - Japan / pale / greyish - ~FR1
    • Dolls: Statuesque, Jill Sander's OOAK, Jeffrey NY 1, Disclosure , Magnetism
  • MM2 - Caucasian / regular   ~FR2
    • Dolls: Life Ball (pinkish), Best Drama,  Jason Wu Jeffrey's Red Chip OOAK, Jeffrey NY 2,   Curiosity,  Magnificent Dreamscape,  Extravagance.
  • MM3 - Orangy-Tan -   Latina / Amber   close to FR3 and 4 but more orange hue. 
    • Dolls:  Jeffrey NY 3, Discreet , Brilliance, Envied.     
  • MM6 - Black / AA   - different tone, but closer to F6 (adele) than to FR5 or FR8.
    • Dolls: Jeffrey NY 4, Smoldering, Passionate.
To Be Determined:     Beyond the Still Centerpiece, Fascination, Illumination, Jubilation..

HAND Sculpts: none have come with an extra pair of hands.
  • The 2009 dolls featured several types of hands:
    • H1 - Jason Wu's Red Chip - Jeffrey's OOAK.
    • H3 - Best Drama, Black Party, Statuesque and Curiosity
    • H4 - the Claw Hand (Life Ball, some Jeffrey OOAKs).  WARNING - Both of my doll's with the claw hand the skin tone has started to turn, and the hands have become a bit oily on the surface.
  • Since Blue Chip all dolls feature the H5 hands - all fingers separate.  Left hand pinky curved-raised.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Body Type Comparison

As requested, here is a comparison picture if IT dolls - with one barbie doll for reference.
You can see the range of their articulation in the position of their hands.

Body types from the left:
Mattel Pivotol for reference and Integrity Toys Monsieur Z, Dynamite Girl, Misaki,
Model Behaviour / NU.Face, Fashion Royalty, Homme.
Note that most of the heads are not on their original bodies.
(Click the photo above if the Homme is cropped)

The MZ, DG, Misaki and MB/NU use the same torso but different limbs.

The MZ and DG body are very close to each other, even the legs use same mould but the material of the legs is quite different - MZ´s is more smooth, heavier and better quality. Their hands are same in proportions but DG have a much better range of articulation. MZ´s also have more creepy scrawny fingers than DG.

Misaki have a one more point of articulation compared to others - angles. The new Poppy Parker dolls and the NU.Fantasy characters Yuri and Kumi also have this body type.

MB/NU and FR share limbs but have different torsos. MB/NU. shere the small bust torso, but the FR dolls have a big bust twist and turn torso also used for RuPaul dolls.

For more wide reference see these links to photography by Michael Williams published in Haute Doll January 2008:

The Usual Suspects line up

The Sitting Pretty comparison


Thursday, February 26, 2009

List of Head Sculpts

As more new characters with reused sculpts appear many collectors feel confused. I have tried to list all characters made from each head mould in the following Integrity lines: Fashion Royalty (FR), Hollywood Royalty (HR), Homme, Misaki, Model Behaviour (MB) / Nu.Face, NU.Fantasy, Monsieur Z (MZ), Dynamite Girls (DG) old and new, FR Monogram and FR2. The head sculpts are listed by category in order of appearance (Thank you for Amanda for providing the shots for the sculpts I didn't have):

Fashion Royalty / Hollywood Royalty

Veronique Old (since Spring 2003, retired 2008)

Adele Old (since Spring 2003, retired Spring 2004)

Adele New (Spring 2004 to Spring 2011)

Kyori /Ginza (since Spring 2004)

Isha / Luchia (since Spring 2004)
Vanessa (since Autumn 2004 until 2010)

Natalia Old (since Event 2004, retired Autumn 2006)
This sculpt actually had two versions: one with full closed lips, another with slightly parted lips. The difference is so minuscule I originally thought the breather on Capricious, Black as Night and Femme du Monde was just white paint. 

Natalia QoTH (2006)
*picture coming* 

Agnes (since Event 2006)

Eugenia (since Spring 2007) Natalia New (since Spring 2008)

Lana Old (Ethereal Return) / Tatyana / Jordan / Nu.Fantasy Red Queen
(since Spring 2008)

Lana New / Dania (since Autumn 2008)

Josephine Baker / Dominique (MB/NU) (since Event 2008)

Elise Jolie (as FR doll in convention 2009, as FR2 doll since convention 2010)
*picture coming* 

 Kesenia (2010, same as Aston-Drake Brides of Dracula Mina & Contessa of 2010
and all Brides of 2011) 
*picture coming* 

Anja (2010, same as Aston-Drake's Simi, and Carol Roth)
*picture coming* 

Dasha (FR2 since convention 2010)
*picture coming* 

Lucy #1 Aston-Drake Brides of Dracula (2010)  & Imogen(2011)
*picture coming* 

FR2 Dominique (Spring 2011,
rumoured to be a remake of the IT playline Janay sculpt)
*picture coming* 

New Veronique 2011
*picture coming* 

New Vanessa 2011
*picture coming* 

Vanessa FR2 (2011 FR Convention)
This sculpt should be the Old Vanessa, but some collectors have found slight differences.
*picture coming* 

Adele #3 (Oct. 2011 onwards)
*picture coming*


Pierre (since Spring 2006)

Francisco (since Spring 2006)Darius (since Spring 2007)

Lukas (since Event 2007)

Takeo / Adrian Von Lamberg (since Event 2008)

Acheron (Ashton-Drake Dark Hunters, 2010)
*picture coming* 

The Count Dracula (IT Brides of Dracula collection II, 2011) & Victoire Roux
*picture coming* 

Model Behaviour / NU.Face / NU.Fantasy
Note: The dolls are categorised here by body type
as Giselle is sometimes listed as a part of FR line, sometimes as Nu.Face.

Erin (since Spring 2006)

Nadja / Colette (since Spring 2006)

Ayumi (since Spring 2007)

Giselle (since Autumn 2007) NOTE: as some may think Agnes and Giselle DO NOT share head sculpts!
Here is a link to a post that compares the two sculpts.

Twins: Yuri / Kumi / Eden / Lilith (since Summer 2008)

Imogen (2011)
see FR line

Rayna (2011)
*picture coming* 

Annik (2011)
*picture coming* 

FR Nippon line

Misaki (since 2006)

Amelie (since 2008)
*picture coming* 

Monsieur Z / Dynamite Girls
THANKS Rainbeau(@ W Club) for your help!
For more info on DG Dolls Check

Old Collections 2005 to 2009

Closed mouth MZ / Aria / Gavin / Boogie Beach Reese

Open mouth MZ / Jett / Rufus Blue / Wave 2 Reese / Boogie Beach Aria

Sooki / Eltin / Dayle (2008 - 2009)
*picture coming* 

T.J. / Jasper / Dani (2008 - 2009)
*picture coming* 

Susie (2009)
*picture coming* 

New Collections 2010 to Present
Sculpts renewed Vintage Vinyl collection

Gavin (pale) / Jett

Eltin (pale) / Sooki (Caucasian)

Aria (tanned) / Dani (Caucasian)

Reese (AA) / Neve (Tanned)
*picture coming*

TJ / Jasper
*picture coming*

Rufus (no shares)
*picture coming*

Kyu / Remi
*picture coming*

*picture coming*

2010 FR Convention Workshop uses the new TJ/Jasper sculpt.
2011 FR Convention Workshop had 8 different dolls - sculpts follow pattern.

Jason Wu FR Monogram Original Sculpt (2009 to present)
(All dolls so far [except see sculpt #2], also used for mini AG clones,
except for Live Wire that used the new Natalia sculpt)

Monogram Sculpt #2 closed mouth mold
Beyond the Still (2011 FR Conv Centerpiece)
*picture coming*

 Poppy Parker Line Poppy Parker (2009 to present)
 *picture coming*

 Darla Daley #1 (2011)
*picture coming*

 Darla Daley #2 (2011)
*picture coming*

Chip (2012?)
*picture coming*

Avant Guards line (16")2008 to 2010
Closed mouth sculpt

Open mouth sculpt
*picture coming* 

FR16 line (16") 2012?*pictures coming 2012*

For the lines preview visit
MY FLICKR Mandy4384

Old AG Sculpt

New Sculpt #1

New Sculpt #2