Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giselle vs Agnes comparison

There have been many people asking me do the sisters Agnes and Giselle share the same face mold so I decided to dedicate a full article for the matter. But first of all I want to apologize for the poor quality of my pictures. I took these aver a year ago when the matter was debated at the W-club and their point was merely to illustrate the point and fast without any artistic considerations including lighting. Later, I sold my Aggie and wasn't able to take new photos. I even thought I had lost these ones, but fortunately I was able to find them from the club archives.

As dolls in general the main differences between Agnes and Giselle are the body and skin tone. Agnes generally features the pale FR1 skin tone (with the exception of the Australian exclusive Firefly) as all three Giselles released up to this date have has the Caucasian FR2 skin tone. Another difference is the body type. Agnes is a part of the big busted Fashion Royalty line with the twist and turn body (see body type comparison post for reference) where as Giselle is a part of the Model Behavior aka NU.Face featuring the small bust shared by many other Integrity Toys lines such as Misaki, Dynamite Girls and Monsieur Z.

And now for the face mold themselves. As you can see from the front view Giselle has a face that is a bit more narrow and defined as Agnes´s features are more soft and round - especially in jawline and cheekbones. From the profile below you can see that Agnes´s cheek is more forward as Giselle´s slopes down from eyes and that her cheekbones are more distinct on the sides. Also Giselle's jaw line reaches back more under the ears than Aggie's. The nose is very much the same, I'd say identical, but the lighter skin tone does make Agnes´s nose to seem a bit bigger. Most lightly this is only an illusion caused by light reflection (black looks smaller white bigger) The mouths are identical.

I hope this clears things out a bit. I promise to take better pictures if I ever get a new Aggie. I'm quite madly in love with the upcoming super exclusive Optic Nerve Agnes, but only future will tell if Ill be able to get my greedy little hands on that jewel. ;P


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  3. Thanks for this. I am intrigued by these two. They become very pricy