Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brides of Dracula - New Body Type

The new Brides of Dracula Couture Fantasy line is a collaboration between Ashton-Drake and Integrity Toys.  (NOTE: The new BoD II on 2011 was a IT project without the involvement of A-D) The Brides of Dracula Collection features a new body type that I have been waiting for a long long time: A FR bust with a beautifully sculpted new torso without the twist and turn waist. These new girls will look exquisite in lingerie as JennFL's (Jeanette Howard) wonderful comparison shots illustrate. Thank you Jenn for allowing to use your photos!

As you can see from the photos the skin tone of these new vampires is the same ultra pale as Tatyana's and FD Agnes'. The new torso is a bit longer than the FR's and as they are about the same height their legs a a tad shorter, which gives them a beautifully proportionate body. I can't say for sure , but it seems to me they have the same thigh parts as Poppy (and Misaki) and a new pair of gorgeous chins with high heel feet. I especially like the elegant curves of their waistline, hips and buttocks and all in all Integrity did a wonderful job with this new body type. I'm getting horrible urges to bodyswap all my FR's to this body type, but for now it's only available for my Tatyana and FD Agnes. I love the way Contessa looks in lingerie and Mina is definitely now on my wishlist!

 See more of Jenns photos of this beauty at her flickr!

Added note (Autumn 2010):
On convention 2010 the FR line included the new Brides of Dracula sculpt into the main FR line. The Contessa / Mina sculpt became Kesenia.
The Lucy sculpt is still unique;  and not the same as
the one used for Aston-Drake Dark Hunter line's Simi, who became Anja in the FR line. 

Handspeak System:  The Old Dracula gals have the handspeak system; and can change hands with the FR dolls; but the skintone of the FR that match are only FR0: Porcelain.  So far only Festive Decadence Agnes has been produced with that skintone.  Probably 2011 Kesenia has it as well.

2nd added note (Spring 2011):
Spring 2011 IDEX launched a new BoD II collection where all the ladies have the same open mouthed head sculpt and leaving out the Simi/Anja sculpt. The new line also featured a male doll: Count Dracula with a completely new head sculpt.

I just body swapped my FD Agnes to a Mina body.
I just adore this beautiful tummy! 


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