Friday, February 6, 2009

Dynamite Girls

The DG line was completely renewed on 2010 with new head sculpts, skin tones and leg sculpt.The height difference is smaller between the new DGs and NF/FR dolls as the new legs are longer and have the same knee joints as NF/FR dolls.

 The new DGs also have new skin tones, such as the delicious caramel tone on the convention Jett and VV Sooki. Here is the caramel tone compared to regular tanned tone (the comparison doll is NF Colette head in a old DG tanned body). The caramel colour is a little lighter then tan but darker than caucasian tone and has a wonderful translucent quality to it.

Note: The skin tone listing below is for the old DG line and are not necessarily true for the 2010 renewed line starting from the Vintage Vinyl line!

– Japan
Description: The regular pale skin tone with a greyish hue, FR1
Dolls: Eltin

DG2 – White
Description: Regular Caucasian skin tone, FR2, warm tone with a peachy hue
Dolls:Jett, Sooki, T.J. C, Rufus Blue,

– White2
Description: Caucasian skin tone with a yellow hue, close to 1st body Veronique tone
Dolls: Jett

DG4 – Tan
Description: Regular tanned skin tone with a golden hue, FR3
Dolls: Aria

DG5 – Black1
Description: Afro-American skin tone with a yellow and greyish hue
Dolls: Reese, Dayle, Boogie Beach T.J.

DG5 – Black2
Description: Afro-American skin tone with a warmer but slightly greyish hue, very close to FR6 (regular Adele).
Dolls: T.J. AA, Boogie Beach Reese (?)


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  2. I have just acquired my first IT fashion doll, she has brown skin tone, Black hair in a bun with a streak in it, silver/white, she had blue tights and a velvety blue long dress, with a front split and off one shoulder and a bling choker, anyone know who she is please ?