Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Amanda Lepore

I was asked to add a neglected chapter to the Skin Tone Data Base: Amanda Lepore, a highly exclusive 6th scale celebrity doll. "This doll is made from "realskin" resin which has the feel and touch similar to porcelain. It has the durability of vinyl. This is the first doll made with this material, and she is anatomically correct. Her head and body are also unique to this project. The mould will be destroyed and never used again."

Amanda Lepore is a wigged doll designed by Jason Wu of Integrity Toys. There were three dolls made, limited edition of 100 dolls each, as a charity benefit on behalf of The Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. The dolls were unveiled at Jeffrey boutique, New York, 2006. These three dolls are (I will try to get photos of the dolls later):

Trannytale (Photo by Michael Williams)
Couture Baby (Photo by Michael Williams)
Look Better Naked (Photo by Michael Williams)

Amanda Lepore head sculpt (Photo by Ayukislove)

Body comparison to FR Adele (Photo by Ayukislove)

Elegant curve of legs (Photo by Ayukislove)

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