Friday, February 6, 2009

Model Behaviour / Nu.Face

Listing skin tones from pale to dark.
From left to right: MB1, MB2, MB3 and MB4.
Note that the FR1 example doll has some body blushing
so you get the best comparison by looking at their legs!

MB1 - Japan
Description: Regular pale skin tone with a greyish hue, FR1
Dolls by default: Erin, Ayumi, Eden, Lilith (Also Yumi & Kumi that have the Misaki bodies)
Dolls as exception: Lady in Waiting Dania (NOTE: LiW Dania also has a NF body as an exception!)
Body donors: FR1 (Luchia,...), DG1, MZ1, M1

MB2 – White aka Blush
Description: Regular Caucasian skin tone, warm tone with a peachy hue, FR2
Dolls by default: Giselle
*Note: The Japanese exclusive Yuzen Giselle that had the Misaki body also shares this caucasian skin tone.
Dolls as exception: None
Body donors: FR2 (Veronique), DG2

NOTE: To mix things up the 2009 collection tanned The Making of...Erin S. actually has the latina skin tone (FR3) and is a perfect match for any Natalia and Bueno Sera Kyori.

From left to right:
Old Natalia, new Natalia, Making of Erin S. and Colette.

 As you can see there is a tiny difference between the old and the new latina skin tones. 
The Making of Erin S. features the new latina skin tone 
even though the matt finish of the MB/NU body confuses the tones a bit.
This is one of the reasons I prefer the MB/NU body, 
I really hate glossy finish on my dolls and all FRs have it.

MB3 – Tan aka Cashmere
Description: Regular tanned skin tone with a golden hue, FR4
Dolls by default: Colette

Body donors: FR4, MZ3
NOTE: All the tan skin tone bodies have the same defect: the hands start to turn light yellow in time. This is known to happen to NRFB dolls as well, so light of heat seems to have nothing to do with it.

Finally, after years of waiting,
the Iconic convention of 2009
launched a MB/NU Face girl
with the same skin tone as Adele:

Note!  In order to follow the light to dark linearity I renamed the old MB4 aka Ebony (Nadja) as MB5 and this new Adele skin tone will take its place as MB4.

MB4 - AA aka Adele

Description: Warm African-American skin tone. FR6
Dolls by default: Dominique
Dolls as exception: None
Body donors: Adele, AA T.J. Valentine

MB5 - Ebony
Description: Bitter chocolate brown tone with a cold hue, the darkest tone Integrity has.
Dolls by default: Nadja
Dolls as exception: None
Body donors: Mattel´s Princess of South Africa and the 1st Model Muse Nikki


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