Monday, August 10, 2009

Integrity hands sculpts

There has been talk about the new hands sculpts launched with the Fashion Royalty line's Hands Speak System on the doll boards. Together with Amanda I have made a list of all the Integrity hand sculpts. The old non-removable hands will be names H1, H2,... and the new exchangeable hand types will be EH1, EH2,...

The old type wrist articulated hands:
  • H1 The second FR body and MZ hands. Tiny and with all fingers parted.
  • H2 The third generation FR and MB/NU tall body hands, index and little finger parted. The pinky raised in the right hand
  • H3 The Misaki hand with index and little fingers parted. A tad longer than H2 and less elegant.
The new type exchangeable hands:
  • EH1 Fingers mainly flat w/ the pinky raised in the right hand (the Nu Girls came with it on, as well as the Basic Dolls, Interview Dania & Deconstruction sight -- it was also the painted hands for Deconstruction, Optic Agnes, Interview Dania& in the basic dolls)
  • EH2 In both hands 3 fingers are very curled inwards -- spare hands for Eden & Erin, the hands that came on Optic Agnes.
  • EH3 3 fingers lightly curled in left, right fingers are arched, all the fingers are individual -- extra hand with Giselle & Basic gals, the hands that came with Statuesque and the monogram dolls after her).
  • EH4 Life Ball hands are from the same sculpt as the second generation Valia's, but cast from different, more translucent material that gives them a bit scrawny look.

  • EH5 DG hands. Still unproportionately small with parted little finger and a ball shaped joint.
  • EH6 A new hand scuplt for Monogram doll Blue Chip. All fingers separate and the left hand pinky curved-raised.

From left to right: H1, EH5, H3, EH1, glove painted EH1, EH3 &EH2

The Homme hand sculpts (All names HH since they are not interchangeable with female ones):

  • HH1 The original Homme hands. Flat and all fingers tohether.
  • HH2 The new Homme hands for holding stuff. left hand with a trigger finger and right with index and middle finger straight, others crabbing onto stuff.

From left to right: HH1, HH2

Thank you Amanda for your support and pictures!

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